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Juice service for hotel breakfasts, restaurants and catering

Genuine fruit juices and concentrates - Dolanea

Genuine 100% juices and fruit concentrates

We believe that fruit juices and concentrates should be genuine and made without any chemical preservatives, artificial aromas, colourants, or artificial sweeteners. Dolanea juices are produced in the Czech Republic in compliance with the most stringent food industry standards and from carefully selected fruit.

Whether made from Brazilian oranges, Czech apples, pineapples from Kenya, grapefruits from Florida or a mix of tropical fruit from all over the world – we offer all our products in the PREMIUM range with a 100% fruit share and without added sugar. Our assortment is complemented with nectars from black currants and sour cherries largely grown in Czech orchards.

Preparing fine juice from Dolanea concentrated juice is no problem. You will easily make juice by mixing our juice concentrate with water in a 1:6 ratio (ideally in our original containers supplied to our customers from the gastronomic industry free of charge) or by using a fully automatic post-mix juice dispenser. Our bag-in-boxes are specially designed for use in post-mix dispenser systems and allow you to prepare 35 litres of juice.

Džus dolanea snadno připravíte smícháním s vodou v poměru 1+6

For home preparation of quality juices, concentrated Dolanea juices (formerly marketed under the Sandi brand) are available at selected farmer's or healthy food shops, and at pharmacies. In this range, we offer juices made exclusively from fruit of Czech origin – apples, black currant and sour cherries – and bottled in 720ml glass bottles only.

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