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Juice service for hotel breakfasts, restaurants and catering

Často kladené otázky - Dolanea

Frequently asked questions and answers to them

  • What is concentrated juice / fruit concentrate?

Concentrated juice or fruit concentrate is made in a purely natural way from freshly pressed juice. A part of the water naturally contained in the juice evaporates during the slow and gentle process.

  • How can I get 100% juice after diluting Dolanea concentrated juice? Isn't this contradictory?

Certainly not. By diluting Dolanea concentrated juice with water in the recommended 1:6 ratio (1 share of Dolanea concentrated juice + 6 shares of water) you will really obtain 100% juice. Most 100% juices labelled as "made from concentrate" that are available on the market are produced in the same manner (e.g. Granini, Pfanner, Rauch, Relax, Cappy, Toma, etc.). In Czech legislation, the quality and labelling of fruit juices is stipulated by Act No. 110/1997 Coll., according to which only a beverage with a 100% fruit share without added sugar, chemical preservatives, artificial aromas, colourants or sweeteners may be designated as "100% juice".

  • Is there really no added sugar in Dolanea PREMIUM concentrated juices? And what about artificial sweeteners?

It is true. As our top range, Dolanea PREMIUM does not contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners (you will not find them at all in our products). Thus, orange, apple, pineapple, tropical fruit or pink grapefruit juice prepared from Dolanea PREMIUM may be designated as 100% juice.

  • How is it possible that Dolanea does not contain any preservatives?

As quality is our foremost priority, we have decided to use traditional pasteurisation methods. During the production process, the concentrated juices are first gently heated and then quickly cooled. Thanks to this method, we do not need to use any chemical preservatives and we can guarantee a minimum durability of 18 months from the date of production. After opening, we recommend to store the concentrated juice at a cool place and to consume the diluted juice within 48 hours.

  • The competition also claims that its juices are free of chemical preservatives. How can I tell who is telling the truth?

Well, as they saying goes, what is written is written. According to valid legislation, all product ingredients must be indicated on the product label. If the product composition mentions such substances as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and their derivatives, it means that the product is chemically preserved. Preservatives negatively affect both the taste of beverages and our health and some may even cause allergic reactions. Moreover, fruit juices containing preservatives cannot be labelled as 100% juices according to Act No. 110/1997 Coll. For these reasons, we have decided not to use preservatives at all.

  • Should Dolanea concentrated juices be stored only in a refrigerator or a freezer?

No, Dolanea concentrated juices are stored at a normal temperature, we only recommend keeping them away from direct sunlight.

  • What is the minimum durability of Dolanea concentrated juices and how are they packaged?

The minimum durability of Dolanea concentrated juices is 18 months from the date of production and they are packaged in 720ml glass bottles (non-returnable) or in 5l bag-in-boxes.

  • Our storage space is quite small. Won't your juices take up too much space?

On the contrary, they take up far less space than standard Tetra Pak packaging. This is a great advantage of Dolanea concentrated juices. For your better understanding, from 2 Dolanea cartons equal to the size of standard Tetra Pak cartons, you will prepare 150 litres of 100% juice.

  • We are concerned about the environment. What about your company and environmental protection?

The principle of using concentrated juices means that we do not store or distribute water naturally contained in every juice. The 1:6 dilution ratio means that the environmental burden is 7 times smaller – instead of seven trucks loaded with juices, you will only see one truck with our concentrated juices and instead of seven juice cartons, you will throw away only one. Besides, all our packaging is easy to sort and is fully recyclable.

  • We know nothing about your company. How can you guarantee that you will provide us with quality juices and reliable services?

We have been providing professional juice service to our customers since 1997. We operate throughout the Czech Republic and our customers include international hotel chains, renowned spa companies, deluxe 5-star hotels, as well as state institutions. The high quality of our services is also evidenced by the Guaranteed Supplier Certificate, which we received from the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

  • Are Dolanea juices suitable for hotel breakfasts?

Hotel breakfasts are our key focus area. We believe that quality natural juice is an essential part of the breakfast that hotel guests expect. We adjust the dispensing equipment, which we provide free of charge as a part of our juice service, to the concrete hotel operations and the customer's needs.

  • Where else in gastronomy can Dolanea juices be used?

Apart from breakfasts, they are ideal for coffee breaks, catering, buffets or conferences. In general, everywhere larger juice quantities are used. Though imagination has no limits. Some chefs use Dolanea concentrated juices also for the preparation of sorbets, reductions or fruit fillings.

  • I am looking for a juice dispenser and I would prefer an automatic machine with minimum operation and maintenance costs. What would you recommend?

Definitely a post-mix juice dispenser as it offers all the benefits of an automatic machine and requires minimum operation and maintenance costs. For illustration, with 1 filling (3 types of juice) you will have 105 litres of 100% juice. The post-mix dispenser is connected to the water mains and it prepares juice automatically in the preset dilution ratio. We are also able to provide a mobile solution for premises without a water supply connection. On the other hand, more and more customers prefer an elegant design solution for serving juice when the guests can actually see it. We are able to fulfil this requirement with our breakfast juice dispensers.

  • How do you deal with the quality of the water used for the preparation of juice?

With a view to the generally high quality of drinking water in our country, no special treatment is necessary. However, we prefer to connect post-mix dispensers to the water mains via filters that secure optimum quality of the water used for the preparation of juice.

  • We want to serve juice to our guests, but we like elegant design and do not want to use a post-mix dispenser. Do you have any solution for us?

Yes. As far as design is concerned, the best solution is to serve juice in breakfast juice dispensers. We offer several models made by renowned European manufacturers of gastronomic equipment. Your guests will appreciate them because they will be able to instantly distinguish the individual juice types according to their colour and the dispensers are very easy to operate. Easy maintenance is another advantage for you.

  • What if the rented dispensing equipment becomes defective? How much will its repair cost and where can we get spare parts?

To all our customers to whom we rent our dispensing equipment free of charge we also provide free technical servicing throughout our mutual cooperation. This means that in addition to a comfortable system for preparing juice you will save money because you will not have to purchase the dispensing equipment or pay for its servicing. We have all spare parts to the last screw in stock and in case of need, we can send them by post as an overnight delivery.

  • Is it easier to serve Dolanea concentrated juices instead of the classic Tetra Pak juices?

Your juice consumption is important in order to answer this question. Based on our customers' experience we know that our Dolanea juice service is cost efficient with a daily juice consumption of 5 litres – you will save time, space, and money. Preparing juice from Dolanea bottles is fast and simple. We will supply you with original 5-litre Dolanea containers free of charge and you will prepare juice without measuring in an instant. When using a post-mix dispenser system, juice preparation is fully automatic.

If you have any further questions for which you did not find an answer, contact us and we will gladly answer them.

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